GCCC- Top Tips to selling your Car

March 27, 2024

GCCC- Top Tips to prepare your car for sale!

Are you a car seller looking to get the best price for your vehicle? Parting with your car may not be the most pleasant task, but by adequately preparing your vehicle, you can minimise potential hassles. Gold Coast Car Clearance is here for all your car needs, we talk below about the steps we think is the best way to prepare your car for selling! Because we know at the end of the day first impressions are all important when you are trying to sell something whatever it may be.


Fix It

Depending on the state of your vehicle, obtaining a roadworthy or vehicle safety certificate is essential for ownership transfer. Additionally, having it serviced is advisable, due to it becoming a valuable selling point to inform potential buyers about the recent maintenance, ensuring a smooth performance when a buyer turns the key!

Furthermore, we recommend getting your vehicle in tip top shapes, which means ensuring all minor imperfections are fixed whether it be a scratch, faded paint, or rust spots- the buyer always looks out for the condition of the vehicle.


Clean It

Start off with the right impression by making sure your vehicle is clean, inside, and out. We recommend taking your vehicle to be professionally detailed, because although we often see through the dirt to find the value of your car, it makes all the more impression and raises your chances of getting a higher offer. Especially if you’re car has been left a little neglected. It only costs a few hundred dollars for a professional detail, which could add thousands to the end price!


Prep It

To further increase the value of your vehicle, it’s important to have all of the accessories and documents ready to go. Make sure to bring in your extra keys and accessories for the vehicle when you’re looking to have it valued. If the navigation system has a DVD or SD card that comes with the vehicle, be sure to bring those items in as well. Additionally, if you purchased any extra accessories for your vehicle make sure that they are fitted correctly, or you bring them in so you can maximise the value of your vehicle.

Ensure other crucial aspects are in order as well. If there’s outstanding finance, discover the total payout figure inclusive of interest and fees. For cars under warranty, determine the remaining duration and whether its transferable. The more documentation you possess to demonstrate the vehicle’s well-maintained status the more confidence it encourages in potential buyers. If you do require any assistance with your finance, we also have an in-house finance team that will be able to assist you with figuring out your next steps.



If you want to bypass the hassle of selling privately, think about choosing Gold Coast Car Clearance, we don’t only sell cars we buy them too! With our experience and knowledge, we offer a solution to sell your car hassle free. Our friendly team here at GCCC are here for all your car needs and dreams, providing a fair value inspection ensuring that you receive a fair price for your vehicle. One of our friendly sales consultants would love to have a chat about your car needs, and help you buy, sell, or trade your vehicle (and find your next dream car in the process).